Monday, October 4, 2010

New feature for international readers

We have an exciting new feature for our international readers. Up until this point when you clicked on the book titles or covers in our weekly updates you were brought to While this works for most people, a subscriber based in the UK, for example, may be irked by the fact that they are sent to a US site when that particular book is also available on

Luckily starting with this week's email updates, a link to the UK and Canadian Amazon stores will be provided (in addition to the US one) when a given book is available in those stores as well. (Exception made for the Kindle category for the time being.)

The examples below show the four possible combinations for a book (US is always included):

We really hope that our international subscribers enjoy this new feature, which will allow you to order books from the Amazon location that's closest to you (when it's available in said store), and still be able to fall back on when not.

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