Monday, September 6, 2010

Thank you for blogging about Any New Books?

I thought I'd take a moment to share some links to the blogs of the fine folks who've enthusiastically blogged about Any New Books? over the past couple of weeks.

" is exactly what i've been wanting for years — notification of all books published in a genre in the last week."
Kent Beck on Twitter

"I think this is a great service for active readers who currently want to find new books."

"Finding out about new books? Yes, please! So go and subscribe. It’s free so why not?!"
The Bookette

"Currently, my means of learning about new releases consists of either me playing on Goodreads, Amazon, or some other bookstore's online site. Well, not any more. Any New Books? is a really creative site that I was very excited to learn about."
The Neverending Shelf

"It looks like a great idea."

"This is just what I've been looking for! [...] Yes, you guessed it, I was very happy!"
Daisy Chain Book Reviews

"Any New Books?, you see, is a service that delivers a list of recent releases right to your inbox. You simply sign up … select your categories … confirm your subscription … and away you go. Even better? The books are handpicked by a team of passionate readers."
The Bibliophile's Adventurers Club

"Is reading one of your hobbies? Would you like to stay in touch with newly released books that belong to your favorite genres? If yes, then one of the easiest ways to do so is through “Any New Books”."

"A FANTASTIC new book notification service for all of you book lovers out there."
Lori's Reading Corner

"This is a great notification book service. I am always looking at different sites to see what books are coming out when and this is great. You will have to see for yourself and I am sure you will like it as much as I do."
The World of Book Reviews

"Any new books? is a great new service that will send you email updates of new book releases in categories you select."
The Great Geek Manual

"I can across this really neat website yesterday and I wanted to share it. I originally saw it on Lori's Reading Corner, so I want to thank her for posting about it."
Beck's Book Picks

"[...] this was such a cool idea, I decided to sign up right away. Today I got my first alert list and I was really pleased at the layout and info included in the newsletters."
A Writer's Dream

"Just found this site. Any New Books? Just sign up, state your genre preferences from 42 categories and receive once a week emails on new releases. How cool is that?"
Laurie Green on Facebook

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Thank you everyone for your terrific support and help in spreading the word so far. Have you blogged about us? Let us know.

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