Thursday, September 16, 2010

Thursday's mailing delay

Please accept our apologies for the delay regarding when our emails are being sent out this week. We normally send out emails to our subscribers on Wednesday and Thursday during working hours (EST). While Wednesday's mailing went as planned, today we experienced a substantial delay and as such emails only went out for a few genres.

The reason behind this temporary delay is that our email delivery provider (Mailchimp) launched an upgrade to their web application which overloaded their servers, and in turn knocked their service out for a while. While such an upgrade should have, arguably, been rolled out during the weekend, they made a poor timing choice that ended up impacting our own service (and thousands of others).

We contacted Mailchimp's support team and according to their latest status update, all of our remaining newsletters for this week are in their dispatch queue. They're estimating that all the emails will be sent out by the end of tomorrow. We'll make sure to check that this has happened, and apologize in advance if our emails reach your inbox at a time that's different from when you've come to expect them.

We'll keep a close eye on Mailchimp's service, which we selected from the get-go for being one of the best in the industry. If their overall reliability was to become questionable, we'd promptly switch to a different provider to bring you the best service possible.

While this incident was entirely beyond our control, we take full responsibility for the delay and extend our sincere apologies once again for it.

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